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Retail Services

We carry all the latest brands of PCs and notebooks and display them in our large showroom for you to look and try. Our sales representatives know our products very well and can help you find the best system for your budget.
We can help you get the latest in smartphones, tablets and wearable tech. An as authorized reseller, we bring you the latest devices from Apple, Samsung and others.
Our service center is one of the best in the country, and there is nothing we can’t repair or replace for you. Come in to our workshop today and speak to one of our technicians about your problem
The best way to protect your device is to install anti- virus on it a scan it regularly. We will perform the installation for you and walk you through how to use the software and clean it from viruses and malware.
We understand that your data is very important to you, that is why we can help you with tailor made data backup and recovery solutions to keep your data safe and available to you at all times.
A computer is only as powerful as the software on it, and we can help you get your hands on the latest software available. Our team will install all the software you need on your device.
Sometimes having a PC, notebook and portable hard drive is not enough. We bring you the latest in home server solutions to give you enough storage for your photos, music, videos and documents. These systems are online and connected so you can securely access them from anywhere
We are experts when it comes to setting up your home network and can help you pick the right products that will ensure you have high speed WiFi throughout your home to support many devices simultaneously.

Corporate Services

Business critical systems require regular maintenance and updates to ensure they are running optimally. With our maintenance services, you can rest assured that your company is avoiding major outages that can harm your business.

We know that the IT landscape is always changing. There is a lot of
new technology coming out all the time and businesses and entire industries are being disrupted by technology regularly. Our consulting services willhelp you understand how to best take advantage of technology and stay ahead.

Our team will support and maintain your existing infrastructure or help you get started on building new infrastructure to grow your business. We provide a range of solutions for businesses of different sizes and industries.
It is extremely important to make sure that your company data is secure. There are a number of ways to do that to prevent intrusion from outside as well as privileged access from within. We can help you protect your network from these threats.
It is important for communication within a company to be seamless, we offer a range of services to enable communication via Email, Chat, VoIP and Telephony. We also provide installation and support for a number of collaborative tools for your organization as well.
This technology provides an abstraction of hardware from the operating system, and opens up a world where you can ensure that critical systems are always available. It also allows you to take advantage of unused resources on a server so that you are getting the most out of it. This lets you do more with your server while keeping running costs relatively low.
We provide a number of SaaS solutions so that you no longer need to worry about underlying systems and simply focus on what matters most to you. We provide ERP, CRM, HRM and CMS services to empower your employees to work together collaboratively.
We are a Microsoft reseller of Office 365, the latest suite of applications to provide your company all the software you need online, in the cloud, secure and available 24×7. This means you no longer have to have a heavy capital expenditure and simply pay as you go, while taking full advantage of the cloud.

Technical Support

Remote Support is the easiest, fastest and most affordable method of providing remote assistance to our clients. Cut travel costs and increase efficiency. With remote desktop softwares, KnockServices support team can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing software
We provide computer and network solutions to a variety of customers including but not limited to credit unions, manufacturing companies, distribution companies and construction companies. Our specialty is offering quality computer services at affordable prices to meet your unique IT needs.
Our technicians are certified by the largest names in the industry including Microsoft, RedHat, Cisco, Intel, HP, IBM and Toshiba. We are able to perform repairs on nearly any hardware or software problem you might be facing. Come visit us today, and we will get you back up and running in no time.
These days the data you keep on your computer can be more valuable to you than the computer itself, this is why we provide data backup and recovery solutions so that you can rest assured that your data will always be available to you when you need it.
All hardware fails from time to time, it is the nature of technology. This doesn’t mean however that your data cannot be salvaged. We regularly perform data recovery operations to ensure that we are able to get all if not most of your data back for you.
The best way to keep you data and computer protected is to have anti-virus and anti-malware installed. We perform anti-virus software installation, updates, scans and cleaning for you.
We build, repair and update custom built PCs. Custom built PCs can last longer because you do not need to upgrade the entire computer to get better performance, but simply update individual components over time. We diagnose, troubleshoot and let you know what is slowing you down.
We help you troubleshoot and resolve any home network issues you might be having. This includes installation and configuration of WiFi devices, we also help you optimize your home network so you get the fastest speeds possible.

Web Services

Our team will work to find you the perfect domain that is both easy and easy to remember and represents your company. We manage and maintain your domain for a yearly fee so you don’t need to worry.
We create professional logos that stand out. Our team of designers create highly professional logos and branding materials such as business cards, flyers, portfolios for both online and offline use.
We provide rich and dynamic website designs that stand out and are easy to use, this ensures a high level of customer engagement when browsing your website.
We provide cloud-based hosting for both websites and emails utilizing the very latest in cloud technologies. We also make it easy for you to manage your domain, website and accounts using our state of the art control panel.
We use the most popular content management systems that give you the power to easily modify and update your website so that your website is always up to date.
We utilize social media to reach out and make your brand known and get your customers engaging with you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
We provide highly redundant and resilient online storage and file sharing services for your company so that you can rest assured that your data will be available to your company 24×7.
We are an authorized Google Apps for Work reseller which gives your company the ultimate platform for email, calendar, contacts, document sharing and other collaboration tools.

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